Using 3D Printing Solutions

3d printing solutions

There are reasons why you need 3D printing solutions for an efficient way of utilizing your resources well. Usually the popular opinion goes that managing the costs and the maintenance of all the hard copy devices in a company is a waste of time. The point is it is not that useless as you think it is. Your company will be saving a lot of money by managing the fleet of copy hardware that you use.

Lately that popular misconception has gone for a toss. Companies have done research and come up with some essential facts about the printing services of a company. Analysis has proved that all the 3D printing and the copying actually costs the company a lot of money. People usually tend to forget that it is a big thing. After all, who cares about all the pieces of paper which are flying around all the time?


Nowadays, most companies are creating a full blown Print Managed Services for greater efficiency. What does this MPS comprise?

  • Hardware like the printers, copiers, etc.
  • Software for implementing the hardware
  • Vendor to whom the managing is outsourced.

The task of the vendor is to handle all the printer hardware and efficiently create a cost friendly and economical structure. This is what Print managed services is all about.

What are the costs involved in MPS or the Managed Print Services?

  • Paper
  • Software
  • Hardware

Paper costs are the largest because it involves replenishment and continuous supply. This is the way a vendor will earn more money from the client. This means that the more you earn, the better it is for the vendor who has to continuously supply you with the paper.

How To Save on 3D Print Costs

There are ways in which you can cut down your costs. One major way is to reduce the amount of colour printing. Your vendor earns a lot of money from the amount of colour printing you do. It is said that colour printing gives your work or presentation more focus and prominence. While this is true, you must colour print more efficiently.
Use colour printing only when it comes to material made for the customer. In that case the coloured material will have a greater impact on the customer. But statistics prove that of the total volume printed, customer oriented printing is only around 5 to 12 percent of the total.
There are many minor ways in which you can save costs. These minor adjustments all add up to saving a big sum of money for the company.

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