Tips for Successful Machinery Servicing

machinery servicing

machinery servicing


Machinery servicing is important in extending the lifespan of the equipment, keeping it in optimal condition, and preventing costly damage. As such, facility managers have to make sure that every time they do it, they will do it properly. If you need some pointers for that, here are some of the most important things that you should remember.


Proper Site Preparation

Before starting the process, it is important to prepare the site according. Cleaning the workplace, for starters, must be done. This may seem like a no-brainer, but some facilities still manage to have this misstep, which effectively reduces the success of the servicing.

Similarly, the equipment must be powered down. The safety hazards that come with servicing equipment that can still run are very significant, and no facility should ever run the risk of falling prey to them. Disconnect all batteries, lower all moving parts down to the ground, secure the wheels in place, and check to make sure that all controls are in neutral.


Proper Practices

Carrying out the machinery and tool servicing according to recommended practices is also critical. For instance, batteries that sport signs of corrosion or dirt should be soaked in an alkaline solution, like baking soda or ammonia and water, to keep them clean. Tyre pressure, for its part, has to be checked properly to make sure that it is in great condition; if you’re replacing your tyres, the new ones should be of the same size and type as the old ones.

Additionally, see to it that any of the measures that are done is in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual. This is important as your manual contains information that is specific to the engineering of your machinery and, by extension, to its performance and operability.

Choosing Your Servicing Professional

It is always best to delegate machinery servicing and repair to a professional team that has been trained to spot, diagnose, fix, and prevent a wide range of uses for these types of equipment. So when choosing, check the scope of the experience of the team and its members, and measure that against the quality of service that they have delivered. After all, it will not do to work with an experienced company if the range of their services has mostly left their previous customers unhappy. Additionally, take a closer look at their offered quotes, warranty, and product support to assess if they are in accordance with what you require.


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