Security Doors and Windows for a Burglary Resistant Home

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable parts of any house and this is where the bad guys come in. Securing the home to protect your property and family members can be quiet a challenge. Also, there is no one-size-fits all solution to this. Although there is availability in terms of security products that homeowners can choose from, having so many options can be very confusing. So, where do you start?

Before anything else, being able to secure your home and family really starts with finding the best security doors and windows out there.

Here is a list of the things you need to keep in mind when shopping for security doors and windows and other security products for your home.

Facts on Window and Door Security

Aesthetics Do Matter

Some people hesitate to install security products in their home because they may affect the aesthetics. But since there is a wide array of options available, this is not really a problem. There are those types that may really affect the appearance of the home, but there are also those that are virtually invisible. This makes the decision to invest easier.

Window Size, Framing, and Sliding Glass Clearance

These factors should be factored in to determine what will be the most effective solution. In case these details are overlooked, the solution may fail if put to the test. If you want it to work, then you have to work really well.

Strength of Window Security Products

Window strength can dramatically affect the time that it will take for a burglar to get into the house. But there are some solutions that are considerably stronger compared to others. The high-quality products are often the likely solutions to prevent any form of force entry.

Fire Egress

This one is required by building codes in specific areas of the home. There are some property owners who actually prefer to have fire egress features on all the windows.

Narrowing the Options

Which Doors and Windows Need Security?

In standard construction, doors and windows are easy to target for burglars and other bad guys. Strikers and deadbolts may not be enough to withstand a few kicks. But windows can even be more vulnerable. In this case, ground level windows and doors should be the top priority.

Is There an Invisible yet Strong Option?

There are security window films that come in clear visions and invisible for the most part. This would be an excellent option if you have windows and glass door frames that are conducive to an attachment system.

What If I Want to Keep My Doors and Windows Open for Fresh Air?

Security screen is a new technology that looks like a regular window or door screen but these are made of charcoal colored stainless mesh. This is anchored in a strong frame which is secured to the framing of the house. These open and closes just like the operable ones but are still lockable.

Securing the safety of the home, whether you are inside or away is of great importance. This will ensure that your property and loved ones are safe 24/7. 

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