Gas Bottle Storage Cage: Quick Tips and Benefits

If a gas bottle storage cage is not available on site, there will be a threat of personal injury and environmental pollution. There are some companies that do not take these threats seriously until they experience losses for something bad that happened as a result of negligence. When different chemicals are not handled and stored properly, realistic threats are likely to happen. To avoid these things, storage cabinets and cages are a must.


Benefits of Storage Cages


Having a gas bottle storage cage helps ensure that chemicals and all hazardous substances that pose threats can be securely locked away. These cages will also prevent unauthorized access so only those who know how to handle these chemicals will be allowed to access them.


Fire Safety

Cabinets and cages are very helpful in preventing chemicals that are highly flammable from being a part of fire incidents that hay happen on site. With these, before the fire could damage everything, people will have enough time to evacuate.

Pollution Control

Storage cabinets are bunded which means that in case of any chemical spill, they can capture it into the bund, thus preventing environmental pollution.


Stock Control

Since there will be limited access to the cabinets, stocks will be properly controlled and wastage is handled as well.


Proper Handling of Gases and Chemicals

Upright Position

Gas bottles should always be in an upright position and properly fixed so they are prevented from falling over. There is only one exception to this and that is when they are designed horizontally.


Cool and Dry Place

Although rain might not really harm them, it would be best if gas bottles are properly stored by making sure that they do not stand in water. Allowing this to happen may lead to corrosion and can even damage the integrity of these bottles. The worse thing is, this can allow the content to escape.

But you need to make sure that the base if free draining. Given that heat can lead to fire and explosion, the bottles should be shaded to prevent any problem.


Tie them Up

In most cases, gas bottles are heavy and tall which makes them very vulnerable to get tipped in case they are knocked. Their weight will indicate that they cannot be handled in a straightforward manner. Therefore, you need to remove one that can touch the other and cause a fall over. They should be securely tied up to prevent this from happening.


No Overstocking

Storing gases may lead to unnecessary hazards for the visitors, employees, and the company as a whole. Be careful to just keep what you really need.


Don’t go Underground

If gas could escape from an undetected leakage, it will find its way going to the drains. This poses a threat. Gases that are actually heavier than air could settle in underground spaces. Some examples are bilges of boats and pleasure cruisers.

If you have a business that involves the handling of chemicals and gases, you need to make sure that you have the right storage to prevent unnecessary problems and so you can prevent an accident.


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