What are the Important Considerations When Designing Hospital Flooring 

Hospital Floor

Hospital flooring is one of the most important and visible aspects of the healthcare environment. The flooring greatly contributes to giving people a positive experience while in the facility. On the other hand, this could result in negative impressions and problems when it is done haphazardly. As part of the design concept, the flooring covering […]

Minimize the Risk of Fire with Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet 

Fires are never predictable, but the worse part is the fact that it can affect so many people and even cause death. This is why it is a must to always employ ways and measures that can help avoid the occurrence of fire. Doing so will not only save your life but that of the […]

3D Printing: Mistakes to Avoid when Designing a Model 

It’s a known fact, especially for first-timers that 3D printing could be a bit confusing. This is because you could not see such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. People use varied software and print in other kinds of materials. This means that they do not only use different printers but also involves different technologies for […]

The Numerous Benefits of LED Strip Lighting 

In the last few years, LED technology has rapidly evolved. Today, it has become an efficient and more natural-looking lighting than it was before. Another good thing is that the prices of these lights are so much lower now. LED strip lighting is a cost-effective and reliable way of adding light to an area that […]

General Guidelines for Efficient and Cost-Effective Results with 3D Scanners 

3d scanners are some of the most beneficial new equipment that ever happened to the design and manufacturing industry. Used alongside 3d printers, they will ease production and raise the quality of results, regardless of the size of your facility or the specifics of the applications that you manage. With that said, any smart business […]