CNC Profile Cutter: What are They?

CNC plasma cutters are considered by industry experts as a revolutionary way to cut hard objects. They are particularly used to cut metals intended for a wide variety of applications. A plasma torch, the handheld type, is a perfect tool to use if you need to cut through metal plates, bolts, pipes, straps, sheet metal, etc.  You can also use them as a gouging tool or for removing flawed welding projects.

As for the hand torch, you can utilize them to cut small shapes from a plate of steel, although you might really find it challenging to have a good level of accuracy here or attain a high level of edge quality for the majority of your metal fabrication works. This is the underlying reason why CNC plasma is essential.

The Nature of CNC Plasma Cutter System

CNC plasma metal cutter system, these machines are equipped with a plasma torch. They can be moved around and about, always according to the manner or direction that a computer system will direct it to. Hence, we derived the term CNC which is an abbreviation for  “Computer Numerical Control”. This acronym signifies that a computer is utilized in giving the machine a sense of direction or what it is supposed to do in a metal fabricating project and this is based upon the numerical codes you feed to a computer program that runs it.  

Mechanized Plasma or Handheld?

Normally, a CNC plasma cutting machine system utilizes a type of plasma system that is considered by many as a far cry from the hand-held cutting systems. It is one that is particularly intended for “mechanized” cutting as opposed to handheld cutting.

Systems of mechanized plasma are making use of straight barrel torch, which the machine is capable of carrying. They are also equipped with an interface that can be managed and controlled by the CNC. Like for instance, there are a couple of entry-level machines that can hold up a torch originally intended for hand-held cutting.  

However, the machine that originally designed for serious fabrication or manufacturing will utilize instead of a plasma system and a mechanized torch.  

Parts of a CNC Cutting System

Any CNC plasma machine would have a need for a drive system. They consist of motors, drive amplifiers, cables, and encoders. Additionally, there are two motors, one would be for the Y-axis and the other for the X-axis.  Each of these motors comes with a corresponding drive amplifier. They usually take a low-energy signal coming from the CNC. It converts this into what can be described as an intense-powered signal which will help drive the motor.

As for the axis, they come with a feedback mechanism, normally an encoder. This will make a digital signal which will tell you the extent to which the axis has moved. Cables will take the energy originally coming from the amplifier to the motor. They bring the position signals brought about by the encoder and return again to the CNC.  

The CNC will interpret a part of the program, after which sends output signals to the drive system of the machine. This will render the torch to move according to the desired direction with respect to the programmed speed.

After reading the encoder feedback, the CNC will make the necessary corrections in order to help drive the signals as needed. This will help in keeping the torch motion to remain intact and faithful on the programmed path.

As for the CNC electronics and its drive system, they all communicate and work effectively and quickly. They actually measure out and update the position information. This is the underlying reason why the machine motion runs smoothly and as accurate as they should, enabling the machine to produce your desired plasma cut parts in a straight, smooth and consistent edge quality.  

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